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Cozumel Airport Transportation May/2024

Cozumel Airport Transportation

Learn current information for transportation from the Cozumel international airport. I just did this video and Because I live in Cozumel 17 years,  I am able to constantly give you the current information for transportation from Cozumel airport.

That being said as soon as you finish the customs area and walk out the sliding glass doors, you’ll see the ticket counter for several shuttle services coz shuttle, flex shuttle, and some call themselves taxi but they’re not necessarily the taxi that you would think. They all are the official transportation services from Cozumel airport. There are no others that are allowed at the airport except for those shuttle services.  They sell tickets as soon as you exit the customs.

Purchase the tickets.. and they all have published rates and are very competitive.  Do note the rates that are per person for your destination based on zones, not for the total persons in a van to the same destination.

There are options for a Colectivo, which is a collective service that will stop at a number of other places before you get to your own destination and that’s a lesser price. There are shuttle services that are also in a sedan are slightly higher price for Private and again the services that are provided by the shuttle service at the airport are per person for your destination.

Once you’ve received your ticket immediately pass through the lines of timeshare and tourist information personnel, and walk outside the double glass doors to the waiting area for the shuttle.  Note – any “grabbing” offers or “information” or “tourist advisory” from this area will further delay your exit from the airport.

Once you’re outside, you will see that there are lines that are for your company shown on the ticket that was pre-bought and across the street is the shuttle service. It’s run very fast and efficient and organized.

Now the OTHER OPTION – Is we fondly call the bag drag …where you walk away from the airport  across the street.  This

would be about two city blocks and definitely visible as your walking away from there airport  on google maps a major landmark “Diego’s Tacos” which is a fantastic local place for delicious food might I add.

You will see the line of the white and red taxis, which are available for your transportation to your destination be at a resort or a vacation home or condo.

Now you’re being priced for the destination, not per person.  On several examples we have found fares that would be 25 to 50% savings by using this form of transportation just make certain before you enter that taxi you know what the price is for your person or group for that destination

please do not wait to be quoted while entering!!. 

There should be a fare chart as well that the taxi should show you.   Always  always look at the taxi no in case you mistakenly left an item (that advice is always in place)

This information is updated as of April 2024 as it’s been known in the past, there have been some changes with this service from the airport.

And paying for in advance of your trip for transportation is in my humble opinion, is a waste of money. The only transportation that’s available is the shuttle services I mentioned at the airport and this option for the taxis across the street, remember too any taxi red/white can take you BACK to the airport.

Also, an additional note is if you’re renting a car, you can also meet them at the Diego taco area for the rental car however they’re not allowed to check you in at the airport parking or meet you there unless they are the official companies that actually rent the space inside the airport

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